Our Services

A+ Lunches offers multiple service options to meet the needs of both small schools and large campuses. Our services include:

Food Service Management

A+ Lunches provides turn-key solutions for food service management in schools. Our operation relieves administrators of the detailed, time consuming and tedious duties associated with implementing a meal program. With A+ Lunches, you receive more than healthy and affordable school lunches. Our company provides:

  • Complete staffing with experienced & friendly workers
  • All food supplies
  • Eco-friendly packaging/service products
  • Complete cleanup of the kitchen/cafeteria area

By choosing A+ Lunches for your school lunch program, administrators have the freedom to focus on what they do best—providing an efficient, safe environment for their students.

Menu Planning & Design Administrative Support

A+ Lunches works closely with schools to design fun and appetizing menus featuring seasonal, locally grown produce. Our inspired meal ideas are flavorful, healthy and budget-friendly. A+ Lunches meal plans factor in dietary restricted options to include organic, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free and other kid-friendly special requests.


Prepped and delivered meals are our speciality at A+ Lunches. Whether in bulk family style or pre-portioned servings, our meals arrive at food safety mandated temperatures ready for dispersement. We also cater sack lunches for classroom service and/or field trips.

buffet style food in trays

Nutrition Education

It’s no secret that student academic performance is tied to proper nutrition. That’s why we provide custom nutrition and wellness programs designed to educate kids, parents, teachers and administrators. From shopping tips at the grocery store, to creating balanced meals, A+ Lunches helps schools learn the importance of healthy eating. Our topics include:

  • Eating Well on the Run
  • What Should Your Kids Eat?
  • How to Get the Right Food
  • Healthy Grocery Shopping with Your Kids
  • And much More!